Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Random Lunch...Zuchini Chips

Red Lentils and Kale on Olive Pane
Do you ever get meal inspiration from something you read? There are some literary works that purposely attempt to inspire hunger, but there are times when my culinary imagination is set afire accidentally.

This particular meal was inspired by my Bible reading and research. Can you guess what I was reading about? I'll give you a clue: Twins, Birthright, Red.

Got it?

You guessed it! Our Sunday lesson revolved around valuing spiritual things and we were discussing the experience of Jacob and Esau at Genesis 25: 27-34. Well, while I was reading this it popped into my head that I had some red lentils in the cupboard and the idea sort of grew from there.

I made the red lentils and added kale in the final minutes of cooking along with a sprinkle of lemon pepper and sea salt. Finished with a drizzle of oil.

Interestingly, I found out that this olive Pane, which I bought as a splurge item is $3 cheaper at Whole Foods than where I bought it. Bummer! Bummer because I feel like I was slightly robbed, but also because the price tag is the only thing that stopped be from buying this excessively. *sigh* #FoodieWeightlossProblems If only I could find a gluten free version of this bread. Excess gluten and weightloss do not add up in my body. Sadly!

Do you know what this means? I may never be Italian. #dreamscrushed

How do you feel about hashtags? I find them hilarious. Obviously!

I'll close this out with a picture of deliciousness...
Angel Hair with Kale, Nooch, and fresh Tomatoes
Oh wait there's more!

Sliced zucchini on parchment
I made zucchini chips!
 Well, sort of.
I couldn't wait until they were done.
So, some were crisp and chip like and some were not..
But all were delicious.
Beautiful and yummy way to munch your veggies!


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