Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Fun + Favorite Places

Where do you go to shop (and maybe unwind or decompress)?
There are a couple of places I unwind shop at.
Fridays are a great day for this because...
Do you really need reasons why its great to unwind on Friday?
Oh. Okay. Well one reason is many get paid on Friday.
So you know exactly what you have to work with cash wise.
I head out shopping with a budget in mind.
Spending too much will add stress not decrease it....
Gourmet food deals abound at Home Goods. Coconut butter for $6!!!!  (regularly $12, but now that I know the Maranatha is always $6 at Walmart I want to give that brand a go) On a recent trip, I also bought some dehydrated orange slice which you eat peel and all. Yay vitamin C!
And another perk of Home Goods is that it's right near....

Be still my heart ...
I'm not even going to describe the great fun of window shopping at IKEA.
You can wander around and pretend you live in the display.
What? Don't pretend I'm the only one who does this. How can you know if you will really like an item unless you pretend to use it in a pretend kitchen?
And you can come out of IKEA spending under $10 with a load of booty.
Yesterday was talk like a pirate day by the way. Weird!

My friends Backyards, or front yards or living rooms.
Wonderful places to unwind they are...
Especially backyards where we can burn things.
Yay making s'mores!
ALL the toppings
Whole Foods Wexford is great for foodie finds.
It's a tad bigger than my regular Whole Foods so I tend to find new things to try there. They have a giant bulk section, so even if I only have a few dollars to splurge with I can get several tiny bits instead of one big thing to try.
On top of that they have an awesome wood fired pizza oven. You know how I love my wood fired oven pizza. On my most recent trip I had to wait 20 minutes for this pizza but it was so gooooooooood. Mediteranean on whole wheat crust. Sundried tomatoes rehydrated in seasoned oil, spinach, artichokes, kalamata olives on a red marinara sauce.
I'm still thinking about this pizza weeks later. You don't happen to have a slice on you do you?
snacks under $2 on a priceless book
Target always, but the clarance section is fab for clothes, staples, etc,
But sometimes I spend too much time in there and need a snack.
But they also happen to be awesome for grabbing a quick snack so....
Basically they solve problems and create new ones and then solve those too.
Isn't that nice of them?
Tacos on a pretty pink plate from IKEA
Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places for regular grocery shopping.
I bought some seasoned black beans from there that were
wonderfuly seasoned. Add some sautéed yellow and red peppers, red onion.
giant romaine leaves and we've got some Tacos.
It wasn't even Tuesday!

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