Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Food Should Taste Good...duh!

Review time!
Yay! I guess...

As much as I love to share my opinion about things, doing a formal review scares me a bit.

It requires deep meditative thinking about textures and flavors. Not a problem.
It requires you to eat. Obviously, not a problem.
It requires you to express your adoration concisely. Again, not a problem.

SO, what's the problem?
Sometimes I really dislike a product and I feel bad expressing my disdain for something in such a public way. There's a big difference between telling my mum I don't like something and putting it on here for the world to see. And I feel that it being untruthful if I sugarcoat it.

So know that I will not be sugar coating anything, but I will try to be descriptive in what I didn't like. I realize  that what I dislike about a certain food might be just what someone else likes about it.

Without further ado...
Here is your review!

First things first...

How much do you love the name of this company?  Cute right?

All chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, have zero grams trans fats. They are also certified Kosher.  Plus, many varieties are certified vegan. Food Should Taste Good® chips are available nationally at conventional grocers and natural food markets. For more information, please see their FAQ section.

I love that their ingredient list is made up of real ingredients and not random "flavoring" this and "coloring" that. They are real food and it comes through in the amazing flavor. What its called is what it taste like. The chocolate taste like chocolate! And that's something I love!

Sweet Potato
I was thinking these would be really weird, but you know how adventurous I am with flavor combinations (stop laughing). I liked these so much I ended up serving them at my Super Bowl party this year.

I enjoyed eating them straight out of the bag. They are super crunchy and only slightly sweet so they are good with a sweet salsa, cream cheese dip, etc. One of my favorite ways to eat sweet potatoes is with peanut butter so that was a delicious and nutritious way to devour them. Combining carbs and protein is: SMART!

I don't know why I screamed that...
It felt good though...

Moving on...
Will definitely buy this again!
Moving on...

Kimchi one of their very new flavors. It amazes me how Pittsburghers view Pittsburgh as backward and slow, but from a Foodie standpoint we have all the newly released foods on the shelves. End mini rant....

These were....interesting. I said I was gonna be honest right?
The first thing I do when I open a special bag of chips is sniff them.
In this case you might not want to do that. Because if you're not brave you may be halted in your tracks. Just sayin... There be cabbage in them there hills.. That and garlic and onions and red pepper...

Pungent is a good word for what these are. But once you get past the initial whiff the flavor is interesting in a good kind of way. I've never had Kimchi (im not sure why I capitalized that), but Ive had the flavor described to me several dozens of times. So, I can say with some authority that these taste exactly how kimchi is described. Spicy and cabbagey

I might buy them again, but no promises cuz they scare me. Maybe I need to try some kimchi in the meantime so I can compare the flavors.

The Works.. even if you're unemployed!
Jumping yumminess! It's like an everything bagel! A tortilla chip with lots of yummy bits in it. Onion garlic poppy and caraway seeds. I mainly ate this bag straight out of the bag, but its great with hummus. Any way you would use an everything bagel you could/should do with this chip.

I suggest you come up with this plan before you buy the bag because if you don't have things on hand when you open the bag you may just eat them all on the spot or at least before you make your weekly grocery run.

There are 140 calories in 9 chips, but they are so flavorful it is possible to restrict yourself to a serving size. They are great as a salad topping.

Chocolate.. more like choco on time!
I don't know why I keep getting these and pretending I'm not going to sit there and eat the whole bag. Note to self: eating a bag of these is not an appropriate meal replacement option.

Here's a tip: get a bowl of vanilla ice cream and use a few of these to eat it. You wont have to dirty a spoon. Score!

Another tip: Use this as a crunchy coating for French toast.

Yet another tip: buy them now!

Olive you so much!
Oh olive! What a sick addiction I have to you. I have a long standing love affair with the dear olive. I used to accidentally eat entire cans of black olives. Then I found out what a real olive that hasn't been sitting in its own liquid for months taste like... Oh boy!

These dandy chips remind me of all the yumminess I adore. There's garlic, there's black olive, green olive and kalamata. Have you ever had olive bruschetta on toasted bread? They hit all those delicious flavor notes. They are great with a salad, or as the base for "bread salad". Try it! You'll love it!

Bottom line:
Go be adventurous and try their chips! You won't regret it.

Unless you eat the whole bag and have a bad stomach issue because you know good and well its dangerous to eat a whole bag of corn chips with your stomach issues.

Well, that's what you get for reading to the end instead of going to the store and buying some chips.

tee hee hee

Love ya!

***Full Disclosure: FSTG sent me three certificates to purchase their products, but the others were purchased with my own funds because I genuinely like them!****

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