Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's May Already???

I did not post once in April.

That was a pretty lame thing to do.

I will definitely be making up for it this month.

And then I will be gone again in June.

But I will try to post when I can since I will have
wifi and internet cafe at my disposal.

But no promises since I dont know if I will have
any free moments to get my post on.

So stay tuned for some excitingness and some awesomeness and some yummy food and some health tips and maybe even a picture of me trying not to die while doing Zumba for the first time after 1 month eating myself to death in Italy. Won't that be fun?


Random Aside....

My local co-op had a little contest for Tom's of Maine and guess what!
I win-ded-ed (translation: i won)!

Here's what I got:

Deo, Soap, Mouthwash and 2 kinds of toothpaste and a cute bag
I really like Tom's (yes we are on a first name basis) products.
And I happen to have run our of 3 of the 5 products I received so I was even more stoked to win.
The soap and the toothpaste variation are new to me so Ill have to let you know how I like them.
Thanks East End Food Co-op!!

Random Meal....
Red Lentils with Veg

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