Saturday, May 11, 2013

Good Addictiveness

Went to Mercurio's to use my Groupon and had this plate of deliciousness.
Antipasto Plate...yummmmm.....
Several types of olives, red pepper, spicy pickled banana peppers
and 2 toasts.
Coconut Crack....
Here is a nice little snack aptly named Coconut Crack.
The coconut butter was quite addictive on its own (or with apple).
But something about heating it and drizzling on cracklebred
then drizzling with honey that takes it over the edge.
The coconut butter is raw and organic
and as we all know
is totally a yummy coworker!
For the newbies reading:
A yummy coworker is a food that is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Notice the word "crack" in the name..don't say i didn't warn you..

Easy dinner....
Red lentils (1/4 c lentils prepared according to the package) with warmed tomatoes (1/2 c) and "Mexican blend" seasoning  (1T).
Served over tortilla chips.
Try not to just shovel it in..
Savor people!!!! That is a key to weight loss.
Eating slowly helps you to taste your food fully, savor the flavors and
it gives your body a chance to register fullness.
This is a quick and easy "I don't know what to make" meal.
Its chock full of protein and fills you up.
unnecessary yum-ness

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