Tuesday, May 7, 2013

General Store = Awesome..... Amish General Store = BeStillMyHeart

please ignore the smudge of excitement...
The last weekend in April I took a field trip to Warren Ohio
for a good friends bridal shower.

I was really happy to be able to make it to that, but sad to say I was even happier the day before when another friend took me to a General Store set in the heart of an Amish community!

I have an affection for General Stores.
Nostalgia in a modern setting is one of my favorite diversions.

This one is called the End of the Commons General Store in Mesopotamia, Ohio.

They have all kinds of amazing finds like classic candy, a wall of classic sodas, old timey toys (marbles and jacks y'all!!), flours by the pound, and Amish made meats, cheeses, jams and apothecary.

presorted bulk candies and assorted treats...
I had to purchase my items and leave the store so I didn't spend anymore money. Serious test to my willpower!

I had to keep chanting to myself "You need money for the trip!"

presents for the family

I purchased some marbles, giant button candy, violet candy, red and blue popcorn, dehydrated vegetables

As I was walking out the door I saw what may have sent me over the edge if I had seen it earlier:
A wall of penny candy!

Real, live, still costs a penny a piece penny candy!
Be still my heart!

Can you remember a time when your parents gave you a dollar and you felt like a millionaire?
My dollar would usually go towards a buffet of 50 pieces of candy, 1 huggie and 2 bags of chips.

Oh! And you'll never guess what else I saw...

I had a crazy revelation while in Ohio.
Amish people can be just as ghetto as the rest of us.

Check out this masterpiece of ghetto ingenuity:


That's right! A cart tricked out with old car seats to make a family "vehicle".
Better yet, the Amish gentleman who owned this had purchased it from someone else.
Is it possible there is a manufacturer of such awesomeness in Northern Ohio?

Just... wow....

A Delicious Dinner...
Tonight I fed a relatively healthy craving for tofu veggies and hoison sauce.
I bought all the ingredients on a Trader Joe's veggie run.
They have a package of stir fry veg with the hoison sauce in the freezer section.
Delicious quick meal when you've walked home from work and are too famished to fathom preparing anything from scratch.

What's that now? I'm the only person who walks home from work?
tsk.. Whatevs...

And now for a random bit of nerdiness...
Klaatu Barada Nikto

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