Monday, March 25, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend Out of Town...

Okay so it's the fifth day of Spring and
we had a snow storm last night....

Add caption: "WHY?"

Awkward.... For everyone involved...
It is quite beautiful, but let's not dwell on that for the moment.
Let's talk about my wonderful weekend.

Seldom Worked Territory... Somerset Edition

Saturday 5 cars of folks from my congregation went to help the
Somerset Congregation cover their territory (the area they are
assigned to preach in) and invite as many people as possible to
the Memorial of Christ's Death (Lord's Evening Meal).

We went with the plan of staying all day to help.
For the morning I was put in a car with 3 other sisters
and one 4 year old boy that was super tall and intelligent.
He could have passed for 6 easily.

So Brandy Max and I piled into the suprisingly roomy backseat of this
cubular car and off we went to the Maryland/Pennsylvania border.

We had a wonderful morning inviting people to the Lord's Evening Meal.
It was really nice to work in rural territory and since it is seldom
worked everyone was really nice and receptive.

We went back to their Kingdom Hall for lunch
then regrouped ourselves for the afternoon.

I had a different, but equally awesome car group in the afternoon.
It was comprised of 1 best friend COBE, 1 best friend pioneer partner,
and 1 new friend from the local congregation.

We also worked in the rural area of their territory.

I saw....

Snow covered valley's.....

Big Beautiful Farms...

And windmills!

These little (big) guys are especially controversial
in most areas where they are being erected.
But us city folk love what they represent
(throwback to simpler, less polluted times)
love their sleek look, so take a gander.

Random Photographic Thoughts....

Some random morning last month I was standing on
the porch waiting for my friends to pick me up
when I noticed that as the shadow moved the sun melted the frost.


Random cravings...
oven roaste brocolli with cheesy rice lentil garbanzo beans mix

I want this so bad right now...
Of course I dont have the ingredients. 

Time for a broccoli nooch run!!!

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