Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Review: SPAK Brothers Pittsburgh

To be perfectly honest Ive been e-stalking SPAK brothers
ever since I heard about them last year

And by e-stalking I mean I would go to their website and
pick out what I would order if and when I actually got there.
Lame.. I know...

Well I finally got there....
Two days in a row.
For research purposes...

First Visit:
Pizza with mushrooms, Kalamata olives, and soy cheese (on half)
Curly Fries

Yes that is a bite mark

Second Visit:
Portabello Hoagie with a Side of Pizza Sauce
Seitan Wings with House Hickory Apple BBQ sauce
Curly Fries

The verdict:
I really liked everything I had there. I could drink that
BBQ sauce. Their pizza sauce was excellent and Im
really picky when it comes to pizza sauces. It was
neither too salty or sweet and the ingredients really
came through.

The seitan wings were really fantastic. Especially with
the sauce. They were fried first then smothered in the
sauce just as traditional wings are made, but without
the work of removing the bones.

Im not a big fan of soy cheese, so next time I will probably
just get a cheese-less pizza with  kalamata, mushrooms,
tomatoes and extra sauce on the side. Im salivating just
thinking about it.

The curly fries were fab-u-lous! They tasted freshly made.
Not like the crusted salty over processed curly fries you
get from fast food and restaurants alike. My only complaint is
I had to share them.

Added awesomeness: If you buy 3 toppings you get one free.
A great plus for someone like me who likes to load up. Im sure
it comes from
The bad news:
Normally, I stop obsessing over a place once I actually go there.
Sadly, Im still fantisizing about the Spak Brothers, whoever they may be.
I'd like to marry one of them so they can bring me home a pizza and
seitan wings every night.


You can find them at:
5107 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh Pa. 15224

On a healthier note...

Im really digging strawberry, blueberry almond milk smoothies with raw
pecans on top.

Im so glad I froze some of the strawberries from the bounty...
Im still eating from those and its a welcome taste of summer in the middle
of a snow storm and below zero windchill spell we've been having.

You know you are deep in winter when the snow is a welcome site
because the previous days have been too cold to snow.


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