Friday, January 25, 2013

Under $20: Movie Night Edition

That's right! You can have a wonderful movie night at home
for minimal effort and under $20.

Make your own pizza, pop your own popcorn, and score
a free or (extremely low cost) movie.

Why pay more than you have to?
You will save not only a bucket of cash,
considering its about $20 per person to go out
to the movies, but you will also save loads of
calories as well.

A personal pan cheese pizza has 813 calories.
Just cheese! No toppings!
Is anyone else grossed out and mad?

I won't say which restaurant that is, but there is
a very good reason their name rhymes with Butt.
Thats where their food heads straight to...
Well and your hips and waist, but you know what
I mean.

And 218 for a small popcorn movie theater...ick
Dont do that to yourself! Make your own,
so you dont have cardiac infarction halfway
through the movie.

So here are the details for an uber economical movie night.....

The breakdown below is for a typical pizza and popcorn combo
that I would make, but feel free to improvise and do what taste
good to you.

The Breakdown:

Homemade pizza ($11 total):
Dough ($1.99)
Marinara ($2)
Mushrooms ($2)
Artichokes ($3)
Olives ($2)

Popcorn ($3 total):
 Kernels ($2 for a multi serving jar or a healthy scoop from whole foods bulk)
Butter or coconut oil ($0 who doesnt have this in the fridge?)
Sea Salt and Cayenne ($0)
Nutritional Yeast ($1 from bulk gives enough for 3 big bowls)

Entertainment ($1) :
Movies ($0 from library or $1 from Redbox or $0 from Redbox
if you are in their text club)

Grand Total $14 or $15

And with all the money you've saved you can get more snacks!

Snacks like:




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