Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow and Sherry and Chocolate

A few weeks ago we had a lovely blizzard.
Morning service was canceled to a degree.
Father dropped me off at the public library near
my place of employment.
As I sat writing some letters the snow fell
in beautiful, soft crystalline clusters.

The roads quickly covered themselves with the softest
and most beautiful blanket one could ever imagine!
I went to work shortly after, but we were let
go early for fear we should never make it home.

In warmer news...
I found a lovely Sherry for cooking.
Although, I have a sneaking suspicion
that those who purchased it were drinking it.
Shocking indeed!
It starts off pleasant on the tip of the tongue but once
it gets to the back... Well, I shouldn't criticize anyones taste
in beverage, but may I say it does not suit my palate.
But speaking of palate pleasers this chocolate granola
with vanilla coconut milk Kefir
and sliced almonds would do nicely indeed!

Oh but how this too suits my palate!
Front to back an absolute delight to the tongue..
A lovely Saturday afternoon involving some
perfect reading material and a delicious meal.
Until next time....

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