Saturday, December 29, 2012

Warm feet, Cold morning

So it was a really freezing morning last Saturday,
but I got up and did some early morning
witnessing. Got to talk to some groovy people.
And check out the awesome sunrise.

In warmer news the brown rice rotini is back!
Covered in Udo's oils and a healthy sprinkle of nutritional yeast.
Oh yum baby!
Perfect dinner on a cold wintry night.

$9? Oh yeah!
Especially when you have some cute new boots to
keep your feet warm and your calves are looking
tight with a healthy sized wedge.
Thanks Forever21!
These have great grip on the bottom.
You know I cannot buy shoes that aren't
practical...At least they can be cute too.
Ending on a random note...
A few weeks ago my family and I went
to the Heinz History Center and yes I took
more pictures, but I thought this one was super cool.
After we had walked through the whole center
mum, bro and I took a seat in the rocking chairs
down in the main area entry area.
When I leaned back in my chair this view greeted me.
The History Center doesn't have complete floors
(that which you stand upon).
So from the first floor you can see all the way up
to the top floor.

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