Friday, June 1, 2012

June? JUNE!

Did june sneak up on anyone else like it did me?
It came up behind me quietly
and smacked me in the back of the neck
with a feather.

Yup! Thats the truth.
It happened just like that.

Oh look! More soup!
Soup is so hearty and filling.
Its a great budget meal and so very balanced.

This one was stellar.
And for once well photographed.
Good job me.

I could so eat (i.e. inhale) one of these right now.
The ingredient list is pretty simple but the flavors blend

Instead I think Ill make blueberry pancakes for dinner tonight.
I need to carb up for zuumba.
Ill use vanilla almond milk and throw in some extract

I like it when I open a tea bag and I can see
exactly whats in the tea.

Starbucks has some great tea bags.

No I did not break budget and go to Starbucks.
My friend treated me to some tea from there.
It was really cold early on morning last week.

So there!

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