Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Clouds, Pasta and Liquid Rain

Have the clouds been rediculously beautiful where you live?
Big and fluffy and decadent?
They sure have here.

I find myself just staring up at the sky when Im outside.
But not when Im crossing the street.
Okay maybe once, but I was in the lines of the cross walk
And the white person was telling me I could cross.

liquid sunshine
Even the rain shower yesterday was accompanied by
some beautiful cloud-age.

It was more of a Liquid Sunshine Situation
since the sky was still predominantly blue.

Remember liquid sunshine from my Hawaii posts?
It would spontaneously start raining and the
sky would be almost completely blue with a few white clouds.

OH! For Me????

So I came home the other day and the above was sitting on my porch.
I was way too excited considering 
I hadn't confirmed it was actually for me.

It was!!!!

I seriously have the best friends!
I will show you some of what I got in these
big bags of clothes, purses and shoes!

Not Goodwill

Love it!
On a Final Note...
Black Bean Mushroom Pasta

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