Saturday, May 12, 2012

We Need Your Help: CLAAW

We interrupt this blog for a very important guest post from CLAAW:

Hello Food(less) Journey readers,

We have agreed to do this guest post to bring your attention to a very important subject.

Around the world abuse and abandonment are affecting a very high risk population.

It is time we all take a stand on the side of justice and do something about these abuses.

These victims are hiding in plain sight.
And they need your help!

Imagine the scene:

You are walking down the street and you see lying helpless and abandoned:

This weave was rescued fromt he middle of a sidewalk where it was nearly trampled to death.

This weave was found scared and abandoned in a residential neighborhood.

The above weave sought refuge on a transit bus where it huddled scared in the corner.

This poor weave was found in a residential area. Dirty and battered it was
crushing clay bricks into stone and selling the pebbles to Goldfish owners.

This rare "curly" weave was found digging in the garbage and was
 subsequently trapped and released into the wild.

This poor weave was near death. Deyudrated and parched by the summer
 sun we shielded it with our shadows until a rescue vehicle could arrive.

Coalition for Lost Abandoned and Abused Weave (CLAAW) needs your help!!
Please donate what you can. Every dollar helps to find a home for these lost and
abandoned weaves.

Please call today with your support

Or pledge your support online at the site we're partnering with TIN (Toupees In Need):

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