Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Superbowl Parties are all about the Food"

Vegetables at a Superbowl Party? That is weird.
Dont worry there is dip and dressing to drown them in.
So here is a really big secret. Don't tell  anyone. Seriously.

I ask people to bring Veggie trays to my gatherings.
They assume it is because I want to have something healthy
and because im a veg-head. But thats not why.

People don't  eat all the veggies and then I have fresh veggies for the week.

Diabolical I know, but I repay my guests by pulling out the Reynolds wrap and letting them
take home all the crap I don't eat anyway.

So we all win. :-)
Pizza, meatballs, buffalo wings, maple bbq wings
fried zuchini, fried mozzarella, creepy marinara sauce

Superbowl Parties have nothing to do with this...

It's about this: meat snacks

And this: fried vegetables

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