Friday, February 17, 2012

Love and Pizza

I think that phrase is heavily overused and underused at the same time.
People say things like:
 "I love pizza"
"I love my dog"
"I love my new jeans"

But they are excessively hesitant to tell the people around them that they love them.

To be sure, there are ways to show that you love someone.

But showing does not exempt you from telling.

We humanoids need verbal confirmation.

So go call a friend, loved one, older person
that has inspired you and is dear to you
and tell them that you love them.

Right now! Go!

Did you do it? Good job.

Now let's talk food....


Pizza In a Bowl
Pizza in a bowl is one of my fave lazy dishes.
It feeds the pizza obsession in a quick and easy and carb optional way.
It's not really a set recipe, but here is what I do:

1) Heat 1 T olive oil in a pan and toss in 1/2 c fresh mushrooms.
(onion and fresh garlic and spinach could also go in at this point)

2) When the mushrooms are browned toss in 1 c cherry or grape tomatoes
and add 1 t each Italian seasoning, oregano and sea salt.

3) When they are warm and just slightly softened turn off the heat

4) Add in 1/4c black olives.

5) Serve with warm pita, bread sticks, crusty Italian or french bread
 over pasta or over rice or eat it out of the bowl.

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