Monday, February 13, 2012

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Yeah it snowed a litttle....

Okay so I might have scared some folks with all that meat I had on here in the last post.
Grow up yenz I know you've seen ribs before.

Like when you go to a restaurant with a meat eater.

Or when you go to a bbq joint.

Or when you watch a fashion show.

Anyway, I think eating or not eating meat is a personal choice.
I personally choose not to. But I have friends who choose to eat meat.

I also pick and choose my battles...

Sometimes they are eating veg-based foods and dont know it, but
I feel bad for tricking them so much. So then I will let them eat meat
in my presence and I won't smack them with the forget me stick
(did you see the movie Megamind? Hilarious!).

Below I present you with some totally veg-based deliciousness to cleanse your palate.
The soup is gluten free, but the pita not so much.

Salsa soup with black beans
garnished with homemade pita chips

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