Thursday, February 23, 2012

Almost Spring?

How can you not think about spring
when there are French Tulips around?

It's 50 degrees out!

On warm days it smells like spring around here.
 I had to get out of the office and get some vitamin D.

Coat? Check!
Soup? Check!
Bible? Check!
Let's go!

I walked a ways away from my office
and posted on a bench for the duration of my lunch hour.
It wasn't warm outside, but it wasn't the bitter cold of winter either.
With soup to keep me warm from the inside out I was quite satisfied

Aren't these beautiful?
The smell is ridiculously delicious.
I stood by them and breathed deeply...

Summer Pasta

This pasta dish reminds me of Summer.
The brightly colored veggies.
Hint of citrus to brighten the flavor.
Where are my sandals?

Are you sick of me posting about pasta yet?
But it's so good!

Zucchini, Yellow Squash, carrots, cherry tomatoes,
green beans(will not use these again) and Spelt Pasta.

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