Thursday, January 19, 2012

When life Gives You Stale Chips.....

I just noticed that a lot of the food Ive been drooling over lately has been rather lack-luster in the color department.

Case in point: Quinoa Apple Sauce:
There's no recipe because I invented this out of desperation.

 White bean "Pesto" soup:

This was going to be a dip, but my chips were stale so it became a delicious soup.
White Bean and Cabbage Scramble with a Masala Dosa:

So flavorful and filling.
Popcorn(my ex is back!):

who needs store bought microwave popcorn? not me!

Hello handsome!
Healthy sprinkle of cayenne pepper and spanish sea salt

So I didnt eat these but my new shoes happen to be neutral colored too
 Mai Fun ( rice flour cappellini) with homemade Tomato Spinach Sauce:

I ate this for 3 meals in a row. So tasty!

 But not everything was neutrally colored.

My dear friend and one of my Pioneer partners went to Edible Arrangements for a fruit salad
and I happened to not be penny-less so I went in and turned out it was only $3 for a lunch sized fruit salad. Yum!

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