Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting stuff in the mail: Eco Emi & Kashi

 Eco Emi October Box

 Eco Emi had an overstock of their October boxes for sale and being that I am addicted to getting things in the mail I went ahead and purchased one. In hindsight I wouldnt have purchased this particular month, but that really didnt change my excitement in getting it in the mail. How's that for a nice little contradiction?

Nothing personal I just am not a fan of trying new hair products and my last two mail boxes had hair stuff. More to share with my underserving friends I guess.

I was so excited to snap a picture I didnt even unwrap all my goodies yet, but here it is in all its glory. On the left side of the pic you can see a little tin that is actually a candle.

Here's the Full List:

~ Big Dipper Wax Works Travel Candle in Rejuvination
~ Crazy Rumours Lip Balm in Orange Bergamot
~ Mulling Spice by Simply ORganic
~ Gin Gin's Boost Ginger Candy (so tasty and great for winter. it warms you from the inside. also great after a pungeant meal (i.e. garlic or onions or both))
~ Herbaria Herbal Soap in Almond Spice(Great spicy smell! Will be using this after i finish my blissmobox bar)
~ Rise Food Bar in Blueberry Coconut (seriously delicious! I went to whole foods to buy some but they are going to have to go on the "find a coupon or splurge" list)
~ Neuma's Hair Care Line (still haven't decided if im gifting or keeping these)
    -Renew Shampoo and Conditioner
    -Blow Dry Lotion
    -Style Texturizer
    -Smoothing Creme

More stuff in the Mail...

Kashi sent me this nice little sample of their Honey Sunshine cereal in the mail.

I didnt eat it right away (shocking i know), but I saved it for a "Seldom Worked Territory" trip to Rimersburg a few weekends ago. I knew id need a "run out the door with it and eat in the car" breakfast and thought this would hit the spot along with some almonds that i sprinkled with cinnamon.

Hit the spot it did. Working in Seldom Worked Territory in the country involves a lot of climbing in and out of trucks and walking up and down long (and sometimes sharply slanted) driveways. This kept me satiated for the whole morning, but kid you not I was ready to eat when lunch time rolled around.

It was a really tasty, sweet but not too sweet cereal. Kinda made me think of Captain Crunch for adults.
I ate it dry but im sure it would be fabulous with some vanilla almond milk. It had bite to it like it wouldnt turn to mush in milk if it sat for a few minutes.

Will definitely be using the coupon to buy some more. Thanks Kashi!

Great design!

Sometimes a product catches my eye either because it is ghastly grotty and impractical
or because the design is so unique and exceptional I feel the need to snap a picture.

The following falls into the latter category. At first glance it is just a run of the mill fragrance sample, but on closer examination.

where the stream comes out
directions 1) pull 2) squeeze bottle

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