Friday, December 9, 2011

I love boxes of Stuff!

I received a reviewers box of goodies from the Brad's Raw people last Monday and I really couldn't wait to share it with you.

 However, when they said they were sending a sampler I was expecting tiny sample-sized packets, but this is what I got:

And since I'm working on not being a greedy gus, I didn't immediately rip into all the packages and devour them. I did eat almost a whole container of the Naked Leafy Kale chips for dinner, but that was out of necessity since i haven't been shopping...

Even though I don't strictly follow a gluten free or raw diet, I'm always on the lookout for a good tasting, portable gluten free or raw snack. I usually lean toward the Raw sweet snacks, but I'm open to more salty or savory ones.

Along with the box of tasty vittles there was a nicely packaged information folder about how the company started and who Brad is. Brad was the typical American guy (i.e. overweight and unhealthy), but that all changed when he moved to Pennsylvania (ironic considering the high level of obesity here, but that is more near the cities and he moved to Bucks County which thankfully has nothing to do with the sports team with that nickname...yes you Pirates!).

Eating a predominately raw diet he lost 40 pounds, but more importantly he regained his health. No point in being thin if you are just as unhealthy in your habits as you were when you were overweight or obese.

And ...
One of the things that throws many people off track in their attempts at healthier eating is the lack of quick access to good for you foods. So having a healthy chip alternative like a raw chip or kale chip that is tasty and a good value is a great help.

And if you are like me, snacks fall into the entertainment budget. They are not a necessity, but a perk on the grocery list. I'm always on the lookout for a great snack review before I buy.

Without further ado...
I was sent two categories of Brads Raw treats: Raw Leafy Kale and Brads Raw chips. Here are the flavors I was sent and a little review.

Brad's Raw Leafy Kale

I have to say it wasn't love at first bite for me, but by the third bite I was seriously digging these guys. These are meant to just taste cheesy, but the addition of red pepper takes the flavor to a whole new level. If you aren't a fan of red peppers you might not enjoy these, but they are very tasty. The texture and crunch factor are just right.

~Nasty Hot
Tasty like the Naked with heat thanks to the addition of jalapenos and cayenne. With the impressive nutritional information you don't have to feel bad if you accidentally eat the whole box. I'm not saying I did this I'm just saying.... Oh and they would be great movie night snack mixed with some plain fresh popped popcorn. Might need a 12-step program to get away from these guys. But they are so impressively healthy an addiction I really don't have to. Yay!

~Vampire Killer
 I thought Nasty Hot was my favorite until I tasted these one. I really like garlic so combining them with all the other yuminess in the Leafy Kale is a no-brainer deliciousness. These are fabulous on their own, but they are so flavorful I think I'll try them on salad and mixed into some quinoa. That is if i can stop eating them on their own.

Brad's Raw Chips

~ Cheddar
Like a fiesta in my mouth. I could see using these as the base for a taco salad. Would love to have them with salsa and guacamole, but I ate the bag before I could buy the ingredients for the other stuff. Ha!

~ Sweet Potato
Fall in one bite. Reminiscent of sweet potato pie, but better since you're not getting all the calories. These would be delicious with a raw cashew cream. Will be getting these again...and again! These made a great breakfast a few days I didnt have time to cook.

~ Red Bell Pepper
These remind me of something and I cant think of what it is. Maybe a soup I had once upon a time and loved. I dipped some in a plain hummus. So delicious! Will definitely be buying these again.

~ Indian
This is going to sound strange, but the scent of these is like a warm dish of Indian food. It is most likely from the presence of all the yummy spices in this one like curry, cumin and tumeric. They are very flavorful. After a few my mouth was burning so best eaten in moderation or with a cooling cucumber salad.

Final Verdict....

Brads Raw hits all the check points for a great snack food: vegan (no animal products), gluten free (no gluten..duh!), raw, portable (i transport my kale in a hard container so my leafy kale chips don't get crushed in my stuffed bag), its a chip (its a psychological fact: a chip has to be replaced with a chip..duh!) and super tasty.

On top of that they are a very open and informative company. Go check out their website! 
There are many videos so if you are not a fan of reading you can still feel as informed as the rest of us.
I suggest switching from videos to reading and back again several times to prevent eye strain.

You can shop and learn about the Raw Diet, recipes, the 7-day raw challenge and more about their other products.

There is even a video of Brad making several raw dishes. He is the opposite of ugly so no risk of eye strain in that respects either. 

For more information please check them out at:,
If you'd like some social interaction with them:,
And if you are a stalker you can "follow" them at:!/BradsRawChips

Brad's Raw Chips


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