Friday, November 18, 2011


This week seemed to drag on a bit.....

Or was it just me?

I didnt have anything special or extra to do this week so i think maybe i had too much free time (aka bored out of my mind time...okay maybe not bored but i actually had to find something to do which is strange).

Okay so maybe I had one out of the ordinary thing to do.....

On Wednesday I went to the Partylite Preview Party/ Regional Meeting. The preview party was wonderful. The meeting part not so much.

These are my favorite two holders. Not sure that the first one is new per ce, but it really caught my eye.

This one has a really stupid name. So, I'll just  call it the SIlver Art Deco Lamp Style candle holder.

And interior designer had the cleveridea of using 5 of the large ones in a flower design as a centerpiece. It looked really beautiful, but these cost approximately $3,000,000 dollars each so Im not sure who could afford such an extravagance.

Last night...


 Saturday Im going on a Seldom Worked Territory trip. At least I think I am. Let's see at 5am tomorrow. lol
Wow! Typing that out loud made me realize how early i have to get up tomorrow. But im going to bed early to compensate so it will all even out by Sunday (she says to herself doubtfully).

On an unrelated note...but not totally...
Isn't this the cutest tea pot ever. It's based on those Russian Nesting Dolls.

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