Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fighting off Snow Beasts... w/ Pancakes

Okay...yes...Im back. I was in Italy and then I had severe jet lag. You would not want to read "I hate it here and want to go back to Italy" every day so be happy I wasnt posting with jet lag.

SO actually I did you a favor and you owe me one. Let me know when you want to pay me back for that. My cell # is 412-yea-rite....

On to the good stuff...

"Who ordered the pancakes with a side of 'augh!'?"

And by good stuff I mean complaining about what is going on outside my window and in my house. Namely: snow. Well, I mean the snow is outside but the cold from the snow is inside and that is only partially my fault because I haven't closed the storm windows yet. (Does everyone out there know what storm windows are? Or is that a East Coast thing? I never really know since there is still a tragic war going on between the East and the West.

You didn't know about it? You are so sheltered. And if you don't believe me you can read all about it in the fashion mags. The most recent skirmish involved a "blowout" although I think it might have been a misprint and they really meant something was blowing up. Anyway, the article went on to discuss how this mysterious explosion thinga ma jigger causes east coast women's hair to go straight and west coast women mostly straight but with some curl to add body. Sounds like chemical warfare, but the article said it involved a heat releasing weapon. Scary, no?

Wait why am I still in parentheses?)

What to do about the snow???

Well, close the windows for one. And make pancakes for the other.

My first thought involved a blow dryer, but that is really mean. AND the snow is very pretty. Large fluffy flakes of cuteness (from the Greek word hi'pot'mos' also translated 'disaster')! precious (from the Greek pi'mon'us' also translate dastardly)!

Spelt pancakes for one (recipe courtesy "Oh She Glows")? Check!
Almond cashew cream (recipe courtesy my imagination)? Check!
Drizzle of honey (recipe courtesy the Almighty God who created the bees)? Check!

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