Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Its not fall yet! Take that sweater off!

What is it about August that makes people run out and put on sweaters?

It is still hovering in the mid-80s yet people are acting like the advent of August suddenly made temperatures sweater-worthy.

I don't get it. Maybe after all the swealter heat that made everyone undeniably uncomfortable people are longing for cooler temps and the sweet comfort a cozy sweater provides.

But this is not a fashion blog, so, lets talk food!

Sunday I ate a restaurant that made me wish I was going to be in Spain for more than a few hour layover. Some friends and I went to a restaurant called Barcelona.

The visit got off to a bumpy start due to the lack of dollar signs on the menu. But the ambiance of the place and beautiful view of the river and marina was enough distraction to lower the pulse. I will be going back to this place, but it will definitely be during lunch time.

They served 3 kinds of bread with pesto and an olive tapenade as well as spanish potatoes instead of just the standard bread bowl. On top of that the bread was fresh with a soft sturdy interior and a crisp crust.

And the Tapenade... Oh the tapenade! Great blend of olives and red peppers and olive oil and there must have been some love in it because it was just too delicious.

I had the incredibly summery Lolla Rosa Mixta salad composed of Mixed Greens, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Oranges (although the menu says Blood Orange), Hearts of Palm, and a Pomegranate Vinaigrette (which I didnt eat, but one of my dining companions described it as light and fruity). It's one of those recreate at home type dishes that I hope to make when I have fruit in the house.

And next time I go Ill take pictures too. :-)

B:veggies quinoa fresh mushrooms

L:Clif Mojo bar in Mixed Nuts variety
Sample of Kashi fruit&nut granola
Zenith's Tofishy tomato redonion lettuce and tarter on a fresh soft bun (yum! as good as I remembered it if not better!)

D:Chipotle veg salad and chips
half oatmeal choc chip cookie from Whole Foods (seriously addictive and delicious!!)

B: 2 Garbanzo bean pancake with strawberries sauteed with raw sugar

L:salad at Barcelona(see above)
lots of bread with olive tapenade at Barcelona Restaurant (yummy tapenade!)

D: Nugo Dark in Mocha Chocolate
baked potato with sudried tomatoes and italian sea salt (will have to repeat this one)

homemade strawberry sorbet (strawberries and almond milk) sprinkled with raw sugar and ground flax

B: Trailmix and grapes

L: Whole Foods quinoa chickpea zuchini
Whole Foods cuke tomato redonion salad
ClifMojo in Mixed nuts (why did it take me eating two of these to realize there are pretzels in it? Yummy addition, but not at all conducive to my wheat free eating.IT was really tasty. Only slightly sweet with a crunchy salty)

D: gyoza


B: Garbanzo pancake date jam.

L: Soba noodle salad
Beet salad

D: Snow Peas Brown Rice Tortilla chips and salsa

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