Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's been a (wow)....

I've been busy busy busy, but I've been keeping track of what Ive been eating.

So, here is three years worth of eats. Okay maybe its only 2 weeks, but it feels like 3 years since i spoke to you...

And no I did not miss you :-)

July 20
July 21

July 22 - Fri
L: 2 pieces pizza with tomato garlic onion soy daiya
D:tortilla chips and salsa tortilla chips and pico de gallo (chiles)

July 23 - Sat
B: strawberry smoothie
L: 1 spelt pancake, vegan biscuit, seasoned potatos, steamed kale
D: Trader Joes veggie dumplings with soyaki

July 24- Sun
B: quinoa unsweetened almond milk cinnamon strawberries
L: steamed greens
D: yellow squash zuchini sundired tomatoes chicpeas cabbage

July 25 - Mon
B: T pb and pretzels
L: veg sub from jimmy johns (ugh white hoagie bread is so not appealing)
D: zuchini and cabbage saute

July 26 - Tues
B: cucumber
L: roasted potatoes and quinoa chickpea and roasted zuchini from WF
D: Cheesey greens and chickpea

July 27 -WEd

July 28 - Thurs
b: quinoa coconut milk kefir and cinamon
l: Trader Joes almond cranberry cashew trail mix and rice adzuki chips (at a rest stop on the turnpike)
d: chipotle veg Salad!!!

July 29 Fri
(Day one of the convention. YAAAAAAY!!!!!)
B: oatmeal and raisins almondmlk
l: Trader Joes trailmix
raw chocolate cashew foodbar
salt and pepper rice chips
D: kashi pasta bake

July 30 Sat
b: oatmeal and raisin
l:Trader Joes trailmix with rice salt and pepper chips
Trader Joes rice and adzuki chips (soo addictive..last time I bought these my brother sister and I sat there and ate the whole bag in 40 minutes flat (maybe
cashew and pecan larabars
d: falafel grapeleavestaboulihummus

July 31- Sun
B: oatmeal and golden raisins with unsweetened almond milk
l: Trader Joes trailmix with rice salt and pepper chips and rice and adzuki chips
d: fresh cut fries and a chopped salad from Atria's

august 1 - Mon
(First day back fromt he convention is a bit of a blur)
B: cracklebred, raisins and pb

august 2 - Tues
crackelbred raisin pb
mushroom noodle soup
gyoza and spinach and stirfry veg
frozen grapes

august 3 - wed
B: cracklebred raisin pb
L: mushroom rice noodle soup
pb and apricots
D: TJ gyoza dumpling and side of vegetables

august 4 - Thurs
b: gyoza and veggies
l: garbanzo pancake raisin jam
D: olive pie
trail mix
nooch dip eaten with a spoon
dumplings and veggies

august 5 - Fri
B: steamed veggies cauliflower brocolli yellow and orange carrots drizzled olive oil and sea salt
L: 2 pieces mexican pizza beet salad
2 1/2 piece matzo with salsa and a small peach
D: half veggie (hummus and sprouts onion tomato and olives)sandwich on harvest bread- side fries salsa ketchup- 2 homemade potato chips
half pb larabar
mixed berry banana water smoothie

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