Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Work Related Insanity

This is what it looks like above my desk:

The old workplace is getting a much needed face lift so, although it is rather noisey and disruptive, Im trying to see the end afterward.

The dental department is already done and looks seriously fabulous and totally state of the art.

Ive been MIA due to some serious trip planning, hosting a little Soergels farm/ JW Historical Tour of Pgh, and tryine to keep everyone from stressing out. Not an easy task but no one is in a straight jacket so it must be going pretty good. :-)

Tuesday July 12
B: * Smoothie

L: dates and olive chips

D: * Garbanzo bean cinnamon pancakes topped with blended dates and walnuts

Wednesday July 13
B: * dates

L: * Trader Joes Pad Thai
* Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar

D: * Garbanzo Bean Cinnamon Pancakes topped with blended dates and walnut pieces
* Almonds with a smidge of Turbinado and sea salt
* broccoli

Thursday July 14
B: * Blueberry smoothie
* Almonds pan toasted in olive oil topped with sea salt

L: * Dates
* beet salad
* seiten lentil vindaloo (had soymilk in it)
* cold beet salad
* clif raw apple bar

D: * Blueberry Smoothie topped with flax

Friday July 15
b: * tofu scramble wrap with side of scramble with spinach

l: * tortilla soup
* smoothie with walnuts
* pan roasted almonds
* grape tomatoes

d: * almonds blended with frozen blueberries splash water and almond milk

Saturday July 16

b: Three blends; almond with blueberry, almond and almond milk, and dates and water
(this was sooo good. I could eat it everyday)
l: * salad (just romaine tomatoes and cuke)
* fried pineapple rice with cashew from WF
* creamy pb topped with raw sugar

d: * lentils with tomatoes spinach and nutritional yeast

Sunday July 17
b * lefteover lentil tomato etc.
* almond blueberry blend

l: * spinach tomatoes and nooch

d: * 2 pieces corn
* 2 bobo peanut butter bars

Monday July 18
(almost everything i ate today was from Trader Joes just not the Pb which was from whole foods)
b * 1/2 cuke sprinkled with Italian sea salt
* 1 T peanut butter

l: * l bag snap pea crisps
* cashew lara bar (both from T Joes)

d: * 2 servings chip and salsa
* 3 Trader Joes choc covered banana slices

* Trader Joes apple streudel 2/3 of it

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