Friday, July 1, 2011

Restaurant Review: Verona Village Inn

So I ate at this restaurant about 300 years ago (around the second weekend of June to be more specific). Some friends were going and were nice enough to include me in the little field trip.

On the way out the door it started pouring rain from the sky. It was like a scene from one of those movies where the antagonist (or the protagonist who is having a bad day) stands under a window and has a bucket dumped on his head.

On top of the nice soaking getting from the house into the car, my friend who was kind enough to drive has a broken air unit so the front windows had to be cracked and since I was sitting in the back seat I got an extra little shower.

What an adventure!

Warning for the claustrophobic: Its a very homey restaurant. But that is right up my alley so I really liked the coziness of the place. My group was in a corner booth,so it felt private even though you could hear everything neighboring tables were saying.

But the food is delicious! And I was pleasantly surprised to find veg friendly items right on the menu.

Above is my Italian Veggie sandwich. Sauteed artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, mushrooms and olives. Served on ciabatta bread. Garnished with lettuce, tomato and red onion with a fresh tasting pickle on the side.

And the bread can best be described as "Delicious!" I don't eat bread often but when i do I want it to be something special. No mediocre stale buns for me. I want some fresh ciabatta, baguette, etc.

I'm thinking this place is going to be a regular on our "Where are we going out to eat at?" list. The menu has something for everyone in terms of choices and price range. And you are not going to leave there hungry with the amazing portion sizes.

And one friend that I was eating with filled me in that to-go portions are just as hearty making them a great choice for "catering" when you are entertaining. Their entrees easily feed 2 or 3 with pasta and sides.

Final Verdict: Go! But definitely make a reservation. Wear your stretchy pants.

Thurs June 30

B: * 2 bananas and 3T peanut butter
* hummus chips

* seaweed snack

* .64 lbs of Tempeh Fried rice (rice tempeh mushrooms cabbage carrots) topped with 2T nooch
* Beet salad (Beets carrots onions)
* Honest Tea - Pearfectly White Tea

* peanut butter cookie larabar

* rice fried quinoa with cabbage and mushrooms
* 1 T pb
* sun dried tomatoes

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