Monday, July 11, 2011

Carb Fest 2011 Part 1 AKA "Good Eats!"

I say part 1 because my trip to Italy in September will most decidedly be a serious carb fest part 2.

One of my mothers friends purchased a loaf of Olive Bread, but didn't like it and was kind enough to pass it on to her, but she also sent some cheesy bread, so Olive is all for me. I eat a bit every time I visit my parents.

And despite the fact that it was Olive Bread I drizzled on some olive oil. The slight saltiness of the olives was enough that i didn't even need to sprinkle on salt.

It was decadently delicious in a savory kind of way. A great treat! I don't eat bread often but when I do....I know I know I sound like a broken record...but I want it to be something truly special.

This bread is!

Friday July 8

B: Heart Thrive - Chocolate (from Coffee Tree Roasters..These would be great with a hot cup of tea or ice tea or just some ice water as they are a touch dry to eat on their own, but still delicious! And the ingredient list is rather impressive too (OATS, BROWN RICE SYRUP, CHOCOLATE CHIPS, BROWN RICE FLOUR, SOY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, SOY FLOUR, INULIN (CHICORY ROOT EXTRACT), RICE BRAN, NATURAL FRUIT JUICE, DRIED PLUMS, DRIED APPLES, DRIED PEARS, CALCIUM CITRATE, VANILLA EXTRACT.))

Sorry for the fuzz...Ill try to fix it later. :-)

* Soy nut Trail mix
* chickpea bites trail mix
* banana

D: * 2 pieces Mexican pizza (from the co-op..these were loaded with seiten)
* 2 pieces olive bread with olive oil

* Kale and yellow beet salad
* 1/2 gluten free coconut cookie
* 1 vegan coconut cookie
* 3 Trader Joes chocolate covered banana pieces
* 12 reheated fresh cut deep fried fries (reheateing refrigerated fresh cut fries knocks more oil off and crisps them back up)

Saturday July 9
B: * blueberry banana smoothie topped with flax

L: * Tortilla Soup and 5 dried cherries

D: * gluten free coconut cookie
* 2 packs sea weed snacks from Trader Joe's
* blueberry smoothie

* 1/2 vegan coconut cookie

Sunday July 10
B: * Blueberry smoothie

L: * McDougal's Tortilla Soup Cup

D: * Chipotle veg salad
* 2 pieces olive bread (Oh yeah! Healthy Carbs are our friends!!!!)
* Trader Joe's coconut milk chocolate ice cream
* 3 pieces Trader Joe's chocolate dipped bananas

Monday July 11
B: * blueberry smoothie topped with flax
* chocolate chip peanut butter Larabar

L: * Sweet and Sour Chow Mein noodle box (Simply Asia brand)

D: * Chipotle Veg Salad (extra black beans and guac please!)
* Food Should Taste Good Olive Chips

* Last two pieces of olive bread. :-(
* Trader Joe's chocolate coconut milk ice cream and chocolate covered bananas

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