Sunday, June 12, 2011

"What do you eat?"

That is probably the most common question I hear when people find out I don't eat meat.

And Im pretty tired of hearing it since the most obvious answer is "food". But I don't blame those who ask. The American culture dictates that meat is the only source of protein and if you dont eat meat you will shrivel up and die.

So Im going to start posting what I eat everyday. Even if I dont have a super awesome post and loads of pictures to go with it I will let you all know what Im noshing.

When someone asks what I eat I can just hand them my business card with this url and tell them to check it out.

And of course I don't want to be embaressed, so this also means I will have to eat regularly and everyday so that no one thinks Im slipping into an ED (does anyone else just not feel like eating sometimes?).

Slight caveat: I may not post my journal everday. I might have to do a catch up day every once in a while (like today: see below)

And most importantly: Food journaling is a wonderful tool when you are trying to be a healthful eater. It will help you spot holes in your diet (too much bread or pasta) and see where you might be missing key nutrients (not enough leafy greens).

If you are new to journaling I suggest a paper journal. Write in pen and then use a highliter of different colors to mark fruits, veggies, proteins and if you want to be really specific healthy carbs and fats as well.

Im working on eating 95% whole foods and as much raw as possible. And you know how I love to fiddle with existing recipes either because i want to invent something new or i just need to use up what i have before shopping for more things...Or because a substitute ingreient is way cheaper than whats called for (i love you mr. date, but sometimes mr. raisin is cheaper alternative).

Friday 6-10-11

B: one granny smith apple(skin removed b/c i cant digest it) , peanuts, tossed salad with 2 mini cucumbers and red pepper hummus as the dressing

L: canneloni(canned), tomato(canned), spinach(frozen), mushrooms(fresh) sauteed together
+ Raw Raisin (instead of date)Bar
(recipe coming soon!)

D: canneloni, tomato, spinach, mushrooms sauteed together
+ raising bar

Saturday 6-11-11

B: 2 servings Raisin Bar

L: Salad (mixed field greens, tomatoe, red onions), one bite of wheat bread
Xochil torilla Chips and Chichis restaurant style medium salsa, One mini cuke from Trader Joes and 1T red pepper hummus from Whole Foods

D: Italian veg sub (lettuce tomatoe olive onion mushroom)bbq sauce and salsa on a mini loaf
+ 1/2 peach (because it was not good and couldnt eat the other half. when will i learn to stick to organic?)

Sunday 6-12-11
B: one granny smith apple, blueberry smoothie (1 frozen banana,1 c frozen blueberries, 3/4 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk,1 T raisins), 2 T raisins

L: Quinoa, tomatoes, zuchini, baby portabellas

D: Loaded salad (mixed lettuce, garbanzoes, cherry tomatoes, cuke, baby carrots)and 3 pieces Italian bread and vegan "butta"(drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt(dont judge iced tea

DD: Rice Dream Mint Pie (2 oatmeal cookies with mint rice dream dipped in chocolate)

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