Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And what I've been eating....

Monday, June 13

B: 3 raw Larabars (blueberry muffin, coconut cream pie and peanut butter cookie)

L: tvp tuna salad, raw tomato sprinkled with herbs and sea salt

D: tofu loaf (walnuts, tofu, secret seasonings) sauteed with spinach served in lettuce leafs, raw tomato with herbs and sea salt

Tuesday, June 14

B: Tomato and lettuce, apricot date bar drizzled with agave (see pic at top)

L: tomato and lettuce, dried apricots

D: Spinach and salsa verde, tofu loaf, kalamata olives, apricot bar drizzled with agave (see pic above)

Wednesday, June 15

B: Apricot bar

L: beet salad(beet carrot onion)
raw sumi salad (cabbage almonds honey sesame seeds)
tofu salad (tof tomato garlic oo lemon juice basil)
raw banana,
coconut water with pulp

S: Pumpkin seeds

D: watermelon, cucumber cherry tomatoes mushrooms and hummus, pumkin seeds

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