Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bandwagon of Culinary Love: Kale chips

Ingredients: nutritional yeast, kale, olive oil and sea salt.

Did I ever tell you about my love of recipes with 5 ingredients or less?

I get discouraged when I open a recipe book and there are 20 ingredients.
Having to go out and buy 15 things to make a dish is just not ideal.
Not at all good for a budget.

The only thing I had to go out and buy for this recipe was fresh kale as I usually only keep the frozen variety on hand. And the kale cost only $3, so this recipe is definitely not a budget buster. Especially since you can get kale for less than that.

But this was organic co-op kale. It's pretty stuck up and snooty, but it taste good so that more than makes up for pretentious attitude.

And I've definitely found a new snack that im drooling over.

I really like the idea of eating "raw" but not the price tag that goes along with it since my home has long winters that would not allow me to have a garden year round to cut costs. Or the cost of a dehydrator.

Im still hoping someone will gift me a dehydrator. It's my Regular Pioneer anniversary this month (4 years and counting) so there is still hope Ill get one.

Steps to Deliciousness

1) Wash and de-stem your kale

2) Pour 3 T of olive oil over the leaves

3) Sprinkle on 2 T of nutritional yeast. Massage the oil and yeast into the leaves. Spread on a lightly oiled baking sheet

4) Bake at 250 for 20 to 30 minutes with the door ajar

5) Store in and airtight container providing you have any left to store.

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