Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Sjaak's Chocolate

Before you scoff at me: Yes I freely admit that I am really late in posting about this contest I won in December. It's been a very busy 4 months, thank you very much!

Lindsay, author of the blog Cook.Vegan.Lover, was having many giveaways and I entered every day.

I would win the chocolate in the middle of a healthful eating binge. At least it was dark, dairy free and had peanut butter.

Want to see my winning entry?

Lame. I know. Since then I have seen the need to be clever and throw a catchy turn of phrase in when I'm entering a contest.

I wonder what's in the box!

Oh! It's a box of tiny chocolate mummies all wrapped up and ready for go in the sarcophagi! Cute!

Uh oh! One of them is emerging!

These little snow guys were delicious! The fat content of the chocolate was just right so that the chocolate slowly melted in my mouth. The crunchy Pb center was just what it promised to be.

Two snowmen made a lovely naughty day treat!

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