Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Hawaii

All this crappy weather calls for a virtual trip to Hawaii. Yay!

So let's go on a submarine ride. Me and aunty were thrilled with the prospect as evidenced by the rediculous picture below.

(The lighting in the sub caused our true colors to come out. Apparently we are both descendent of smurfs. Shocking! But we always had our theories about great grandpa...)

Ironically we got upgraded to the delixe tour because all they had was a japanese language tour. So we were spared the witty (read: annoying) banter of the guide as we waited for the sub to dock. And we had to wear headphones to understand the tour, but that did not affect the amazingness of what we saw. And in all likelihood we had a more detailed tour because a recording is more detailed.

We were gagging a bit at the price of the excursion under the sea. It's an amazing jaunt, dont get me wrong, but you are definitely paying for oxygen. Yet, this lady chose to nap for most of the ride:

Only we would end up at a vietnamese restaurant in China Town. Oops! Oh well. The food was amazing. I had a very fresh tasting summer roll. It was just right for the heat. I wasn't in the mood to eat soit really hit the spot.

I was searching for a chinese restaurant with an extensive veg menu, but it didnt open until dinner and we had a luau to go to and couldnt wait around. Plus, it's weird to eat 2 dinners. 2 breakfasts is perfectly acceptable, but two dinners is definitely greedy.

Speaking of the luau... This is the amazing curry they made specially for me. Sweet! It was one of the yummiest curries i've ever had. And it was fully evident by the taste that a few minutes before it was a pile of fresh vegetables and a pile of fresh herbs. It was garnished with perfectly steamed bok choy.Who garnishes with Bok Choy? Geniuses do. It cut the spice just enough. Woo I getwarm just thinking about how good it was. It looks a mess because I dug in before I remembered to take a picture. Sorry.

Normally I scoff at being served fruit for dessert. But there is something different (read: amazing) about fruit on the islands of Hawaii. That volcanic soil does something to the vegetation that makes even the most mundane and mediocre plant life taste amazing.


  1. I love you for not usually being a fruit-for-dessert kind of gal.