Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lentil Soup and Tea

I was always scared to make lentil soup. The recipes I found were so long and just seemed too much for a weeknight or even a weekend. I thought of trying it in the slow cooker briefly before abandoning the idea that I would ever actually make my beloved lentil soup.

But then it happened. I accidentally made lentil soup.

I needed dinner, but wasn't feeling like cooking (hard to believe but it happens). So, I threw 1 cup lentils, a smidge (approximately 1 and half teaspoons) of dried garlic, oregano and onion, a tablespoon of salsa verde and half a cup of frozen mixed greens (Whole Foods Brand Organic collard, kale and mustard greens blend) in an oven safe bowl then popped it in the oven loosely covered in foil.

And this is what came out:

A wonderfully seasoned, hearty, delicious lentil soup. You should go make some acidental soup tonight. You won't be sorry.

And in other news...

Are you longing for wonderful minty (but not in a toothpastey kind of way) tea?

Please see the image below:

Bigelow scores again! Pretty soon Bigelow and I will be dating. Seriously!

The flavor is clear and crisp and completely cleanses the palate.

I was sipping this tea daily when i was nursing that sinus infection a few weeks ago and I was amazed that 1) i could actually taste it 2) it seemed to soothe my throat more than other teas 3) the strength of the ingredients helped clear my sinuses. Love, love, love this tea!

I love how beautifully green the tea bag is, while the tea is a beautiful rich brown in the cup.

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