Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Perks of Exercise

I can probably guess what you think this post is going to be about, but you would be so wrong....mwa hahaha...cough.....

One of the absolute perks of exercising (outdoors especially), is all of the wild and wonderful things you happen to see.

Exhibit A:

Isn't that just great? It was definitely worth walking home from work just to be able to see that bit of neighbor(hood) weirdness.

Before it started snowing and icing I was walking home from work quite a bit becuase of the hike in bus fare. Don't you love it when mismanagement of funds puts a crimp in your routine? I know I do! (insert fake smile here)

But on the positive side (I always look for the positive side of EVERY situation) it inspired me to walk and its a rather hilly 30 minute walk from home to work. 30 minutes in each direction equals 60 minutes of exercise. Isnt that great?

I would probably enjoy the walks more if I wasnt so fatigued from sleep deprivation, but still they are an excellent diversion.

So yay for mismanagement of funds!!

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