Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Matsumoto Shave Ice

There was way too much snow hate going on yesterday. And it was a very sunny day today, so here is a post about snow love. Because....

Snow + Love = Sno Cone

Sno Cone + Polynesian Love = Hawaiian Shaved Ice

There is this amazing treat on the Hawaiian Islands known as shaved ice. They have a block of ice that they quite literally shave and then douse with delicious fruit flavored syrups.

But not the weird technicolor sugary stuff we have locally. Their syrups taste like they were actually fruit at some point. Add to that some amazing flavors that a uniquely island related and you have upped the yum factor to seriously tastebud shattering proportions.

Before I even arrived on the island of Oahu, Hawaii I heard about the deliciousness of the Shaved Ice at Matsumoto Grocery Store in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu. It's right on Kamehameha Highway

Extremely unassuming looking. Aside from the crowd hanging out outside the front door. I mean with that many people hanging out there must be something good inside. Right?

The prices were so ridiculously reasonable. I ordered one and was tempted to go back for another. If I was staying closer to this place I would have been there everyday.

And look at all the flavor choices below:

I purchased a small lilikoi (passion fruit) and strawberry with bean on the bottom. Who knew adzuki beans stewed in sugar were so delicious? The beautiful and excessively Hawaiian people did. Do you see the size of this thing?

It took lots of self control to pause long enough for a picture, but seconds later I was all over it. Please enjoy this embarrassing shot of indulgence:

If you are ever anywhere near the Island of Oahu you must go to this place. If you are on the southern end of the island take a field trip up to the North Shore. You will be so happy you did. Your tongue will literally thank you for the treat.

OH! And try the beans. And if you are really feeling adventurous (or need the sugar rush) you can also get ice cream.

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