Monday, January 17, 2011

Stir Fry? Yes please.

Add stir fry to the list of foods that everyone thinks a person who eats a plant based diet should eat everyday. But I really don't. Actually I rarely eat it. If I had a wok the story might be different. If I had a bottle of Tamari or Teryaki in the cupboard the story would definitely be different. If they was a bottle of sesame teryaki the story would be over and everyone would be heading home for the evening.

But when it is stir fry day at the co-op it is a completely different story. They make this yum yum yummy tempeh fried rice and a variety of stir fried veggies you can throw on top.

Ummm...yum... I just need to say that again.

This is not my lunch for today, but now that im writing about it I wish it was.

The co-op should bottle and sell their stir fry sauce. Do you hear that co-op?

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