Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Food review: Hummus and Chips? No! Hummus Chips!

What could possibly be better than sitting down with a smudge of freshly made hummus and sesame seed encrusted pita chips? Possibly, sitting down with a bag of Hummus Chips and not even pretending to share or stop at one serving. Throw some fresh veggies on the side and a glass of ice water and you've got what I call a balanced, if not incredible lazy) snack.

Enter the Humbles Baked Hummus Chips. Remember how I told you I bought lots of goodies at Soergels Natural Store? Well this was one of them. For authenticity's sake I tried the Sesame Garlic flavor and was completely blown away by how tasty they are.

They have a wonderful burst of flavor in each chip and are deliciously crisp.

A visit to their website provided quite the education for moi. CHeckout how these babies are made:

Preparation Method: Vacuum Baking

This process utilizes very small dough pellets (called micropellets) which are placed into a device that looks similar to a miniature waffle iron. As this device is heated, the top of the iron is pulled away from the bottom, forming a vacuum. The combination of the vacuum and heat causes the micro-pellets to expand and combine with one another, which forms a chip. Each chip is composed of dozens of micro-pellets.

They have another product Avocado oil Potato Chips that I really want to try, but since im on the other side of broke at the moment it will have to stay on the list until after my missionary trip to the Dominican Republic. No non-essential food item purchases (aka healthy junk food) until then.

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