Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yummy Coworkers

This post is not about that cutie in the cubicle near you because 1) it's kind of creepy to describe people as yummy unless the people in question are made out of gingerbread 2) this is not a dating blog 3) because i said so.

"Yummy coworkers" are foods that work with your body and not against it.

Agave - Sweet, Yummy and low glycemic

Almonds, Walnuts - Beneficial for cardiovascular health

Almond Butter - Delicious Decadent with all the benefits of almonds

Flax Seeds and Flax Oil - Fiber, heart healthy, skin, hair, nails and rich in Omega-3's

Tofu - protein, calcium

Whole Fruits and Vegetables- fiber, vitamins, nutrients, water and so much more.

Another great thing about these yummy coworkers (sometimes called secret weapons) is that they are so versatile in their uses. Nuts for example are delicious roasted and ligthly salted or mixed with dry seasoning for added flavor. In their raw form they can be made into butter or cream (i.e. cashew cream, more on that later).

Crummy Coworker (aka Abominable Anti-workers) work against your body.

White Sugar = The coworker who is on your team and promises to finish their portion of the project on time, but never does = It gives a boost of energy that makes you think you are okay but then you crash, crash, crash into a ditch

Desserts Made with white flour and white sugar = The coworker who does an assignement for you and it looks okay, but then you turn it in and instead of it being 50 copies of the 3rd quarter report, its 50 copies of the 2nd quarter report with a 3rd quarter cover sheet. And you only find out after your boss drops all 50 copies on your desk in an angry huff. = It looks so good and you feel okay right after you eat it and you get that great boost, but then you crash and then you bloat and then the scale tells you exactly what you did wrong.

High or full fat meat = The coworker who seems really nice for years, but then you find out they have always hated you and have been talking about you behind your back to your boss all along. = It tastes good and it looks good and you dont eat it that often, but then you find out its been slowly clogging your arteries and depressing your immune system over the years.

Crummy Co-workers are no fun in the office and can be killer in the body. There are so many substitutes that are better for you or good for you. There is no such thing as a perfect diet, but there are little changes we all can make to keep our bodies running efficiently.

Have you ever had a "craving" for something really bad for you? Wouldnt it be great if you could train your body to "crave" foods that are good for you? You can!!

For instance, right now I have a craving for something sweet. A cookie? Nope. Some cake? Nope. Im craving a baked sweet potato smothered in almond butter and drizzled with agave! The almond butter melts a little from the heat of the potato and the agave syrup lends its sweetness to the butter while wonderfully complementing the natural sweetness and flavor of the sweet potato. I would say add a touch of coconut oil, but i dont know if you can handle all that decadence in the middle of the day... Oh boy! I need a moment!

Until next time..Happy eating..

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