Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Secret Weapon: Breakfast

It is so important to start the day by breaking fast. Think about it. When you wake up when was the last time you ate? If you stop eating at a reasonable hour it might have been 10 hours since you body was refueld. What would happen if you didnt refuel your car for 10 days?

Our bodies need fuel to run properly. It really disturbs me when I ask someone what they had for breakfast and they say coffee. Not that you have to have a full 3 course meal when you wake up , but please give your body something to work with. Coffee has enough caffeine to give us a false sense of energy, but think of the strain you are putting on your body.

Im not a fan of eating in the morning and the less sleep i get the more I feel this way. But I have come to accept that food really is fuel for the body. So, if i really can't deal with having food I will make a smoothie (frozen blueberries, fresh bananas, dates and almonds if i feel like chewing). Or just have tea and toast with a fruit spread or drizzled with agave.

Eating something (not anything but something) shortly after waking also prevents a ravenous search for food in the vending machines at midmorning or the compromise lunch. Have you ever said "Im so hungry I could eat just about anything"? When you let yourself get that hungry you make poor food choices out of desperation.

So do your body a favor and have a bite to eat. Tomorrow i'll be talking about some veggie options for breakfast. And giving a few recipes. Some will even have actual measurements. Yay! And i'll even have some options that will aide you in weaning off eggs, bacon and sausage. ;-)

OH and the picture above is the breakfast buffet we enjoyed everyday while in Hawaii last November. It was a wonderful trip with lots of delicious food. Since we were staying in a hotel we took advantage of the free breakfast as eating in Hawaii can be rather rediculous pricewise. You know how Subway has a $5 footlong? That same sub cost $8.50 at the Subway along Waikiki Beach. The fresh fruit was absolutely fantastic and at the time I was still drinking juice so i really enjoyed the guava juice every morning. And there was a delicious veg restaurant right down the street from my hotel, which i will be blogging about in the future. It was in Hawaii that my addiction to smoothies began!

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