Friday, November 19, 2010

Now I know how Christopher felt....

Don't you love it when you discover a great new site??
Well I didn't exactly discover it like Columbus. I wasn't on a boat. And there was no attempt at a hostile takeover. I didnt give anyone the flu. Ummm... You get the point.

The website is called Auntie's Beads. To be perfectly honest (not that I am anything but that) the name immediately endeared them to me. I make jewelry with my aunt. Awww....

They don't have the biggest collection I've ever seen, but that definitely works to their advantage since everything they have is beautiful and so much of it is very unique.

Definitely check out their "pendant section"!

Just click on the logo below to go straight to the site. You won't be sorry! I can't wait to get my first order in! I will show you what I make with all my beading booty!

Auntie's Beads & Jewelry Supplies

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