Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For fear of the Pit...Avocado

Have you ever been afraid to purchase a food item because it seemed tricky to prepare? Honey its 2010! You can find a tutorial for almost any food on the internet so don't be afraid to experiment and play with your food.

Today we will address a very serious topic. De-pitting an avocado. You will save oodles of pennies learning how to do this yourself instead of relying on a restaurant to prepare your avo-based goodies for you.

Cut along the pit:

Twist the two sides and seperate them:

Hack knife into pit and twist to remove (If that sounds too intimidating use a spoon and slide it around the edge of the pit to pop it out):

Optional Step: Create a funny face with your avo sides:

Slice length wise then cross-wise being careful not to pierce the skin of the avocado:

Slide a spoon along the inside edge of the avo skin to release the pieces into a bowl, onto a plate, or directly into your mouth.

Not wasn't that easy? Have fun with your new power over the avo. And remember "with great power comes great responsibility"

Happy avocading!

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