Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where have you been? Secret Weapon#2

I have been in the land of the Silently Going Crazy. Well maybe not so silently!

Good news first: My official weight loss is 30lbs! That is an amazing amount of weight, but I am not done yet. I have about 15 more until I think I will be comfortable. In 10 lbs I will have a healthy BMI, but I would like a 5 lbs cushion for the occasional emotional eating or recipe testing.

That's right dear readers! Being the brilliant creative lady that I am, I have decided to create a cookbook right in the middle of a weight loss adventure...Wait maybe that is not a good idea at

This is actually a very good thing as it is a test of my willpower and creativity in creating recipes that are good for your whole body and not just your taste buds.

Secret Weapon #2:
Agave Syrup is delicious and sweet and doesnt cause those nasty blood sugar spikes that make you want to clean out your refrigerator after you have dessert.

It's also all natural and derived from the Agave plant so no scary after taste or unknown side effects. Yay!

Well that all and good, you are saying to yourself, but how do i use it? I was getting to that. Patience darling!

Agave is great as a substitute for honey, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Well I should say the way I used those sweetners. So, I love it on pancakes and crepes and in my tea and oatmeal or cream of wheat and especially over a sweet potato(add some almond butter and you will need to leave me alone with my potato, but more on that later in secret weapon #3).

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