Friday, October 11, 2013

What's for Breakfast? What's for Leonard?

What do you eat for breakfast?

In Italy it was tea and a pastry
Or leftover pasta...

What's for breakfast?
Common vegan question #13.

Cracklebred topped with nutbutter, jam, dried fruit and nuts..
Cracklebred topped with Fakin' bacon, tofu eggs...

Scrambled tofu with tempeh bacon and a side of whole wheat toast..
Pancakes for one topped with maple syrup or warm fruit compote..
Oatmeal with coconut butter, peanut butter and strawberry rhubarb jam
Oatmeal with nut butter, nuts and dried fruit, jam, etc..
Rice and vegetables..
Leftover pasta...

Cold cereal and almond milk...
Puffed Kamut with soaked Goji berries and maple syrup
 Loaded sweet potato...
Sweet Potato with peanut butter, dried cranberries and sliced almonds
 My favorite especially when Im trying to control cravings is a smoothie.
To add protein my favorites are protein powder, hemp seeds, nutmilk base and/or nut butter topping.
Lunch, Dinner or Linner...Leonard!
What's a good lunch or dinner in a hurry?
If you say salad I won't be your friend anymore.
Okay I will, but only if it's a PACKED salad.
You know the type: so many toppings you've forgotten if there is lettuce in the bowl.Oh yeah! That's what Im talking about...
Wait what was I talking about? Oh yeah!
Some ideas for lunch and dinner incorporating nutrient dense whole foods.
Double your vegetable serving. Try steaming vegetables in veggie stock and fresh herbs or roasting them to bring out the flavor in them.

Oh you wanted some actual foods on this list...

Here you go:
Pasta with marinara add red lentils to the marinara or a nooch based alfredo type sauce.
Taco soup Time saving tip: throw the ingredients in the crock pot in the morning and it will be ready  when you get home.


Salad with a side of Kale Chips...

Super Hero lunch!

Do you see any lettuce up in here? I didn't think so....

Black bean burgers on a brown rice tortilla or gluten free bread..or a bun..

side of tortilla chips and salsa...

vegburger on gluten free bread
Soup and a Sandwich...

Dr. Mcdougal's Salad Cups! Vegan, healthy cup of ramen type thangs!

That is all...
Go eat!

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