Saturday, March 9, 2013

Here we go again....

So, Im getting ready to hit the road again.
It's time for another missionary adventure.

A little over 4400 miles from Pittsburgh..

Here's a clue....

Have you guessed yet?
Well, I'll let you marinate for a minute...
Don't you hate when people tell you to guess then tell you right away?
Do you find that in the minutes after you decide to eat more
shall we say healthfully...
you start craving the exact foods you wish to avoid?
Non-nutrient dense fried tacos with all the naughty fixins
and some non naughty ones...

fried breaded and naughty please...mmm
more naughtiness......mmmm

I know I do...
So how do you cope?
I fill my fridge with the foods I know
will nourish my body and help me to
reach my fitness goals..
If you only buy the healthful, nutritious,
nutrient dense foods you need to eat
you have no other choice than to exercise some will power and eat those.
No cheating!
You can eat all those naughty things when you reach your goal.
Or even a goal. Set several goals leading to your ultimate.
At each small goal have a treat.
But why not make the treat non-edible?
Retrain yourself to view food as fuel.
Is this doable?
What do you think?
5lbs in Id say its definitely doable!
Go for it!

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