Thursday, October 11, 2012

Check out The Pittsburgh Hot Spots

Check out my hot spots.
Tongue protruded for emphasis...
Who doesn't love a good Thermal Imaging Camera??

I mean look how thin my arms look!

Please excuse that random person behind me. Ruuu!

Every year Pittsburgh has the RADical days sponsored by RAD (Regional Asset District), which features free entry to various arts related places around the city (i.e. The Mattress Factory, Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History) and special events at non arts related venues (like Whole Foods Market).

My family took in the free day at the Science Center. You know how i adore my Free. He was my first love before Clearance. Clearance and I broke up a little while after I started in my full time volunteer ministry, but we rekindled things when I was in Italy. It's a long story.

Don't judge me!

The only awkward thing was that the Sports Center, a seperate building centered around fitness and sports science, is sponsored by a meat company, so there are pictures of not so healthy sandwiches (not a veggie in site just meat and sauce on white bread) in various spots.

Hey! Did anyone notice it's 10,11,12 today?

Am I the only number nerd totally geeked out by the cuteness?

Anyhoo, Im a touch addicted to the "Enjoy Life: Double Chocolate Crunch: Nut and Gluten Free Granola". I like to pour in some nut milk and microwave it for a minute. It's fairly low in sugar so it makes a lovely breakfast or dessert. I also like to eat it dry tho for snack. The tiny chocolate chips are nice little treat!

The other flavor that is quite delicious is Cranapple Crunch.

If only Big Lots would work harder to avoid running out!

Break that fast softly..with chocolate

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