Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sporadic at Best....

That is how I can best describe my eating habits as of late.

Coming back from the "Safeguard Your Heart" Convention this past weekend is not helping. I tend to eat very strangely at Conventions. Partly because I don't want to eat too much and get drowsy and partly because I want something quick to eat so I can spend most of my lunch time chatting. Also, I eat less than usual to avoid travel related digestive issues.

So each day I had:
Breakfast: Bear Naked Granola and  Rice Balls
(More on these later)with Vanilla Almond Milk
Lunch: Wasa Sesame Crispbreads, Justin's Almond Butter,
Tomatoes and/or applesauce
Snacks: Lentil Chips or Snap Pea Crisps
Dinner: Trader Joe's Mushroom Noodle Soup with Wasa Sesame Crispbreads

Yesterday for breakfast I had the above.
But I had a good reason.
(Not that one needs a good reason to have
 leftover Napoli Pizza pizza for breakfast.)

I was headed to the Strip District
with the fam
at an unnaturally early hour
 to spend my Living Social Deal for Salonika Imports,
a fabulous Greek Importer.

Speaking of the Strip..
Can you believe they have young coconuts
for this price at Lotus Foods????
Steal of a deal!

I tricked convinced my brother to try
this peach tea I was mildly addicted to in Italy.
He's a Peach Tea connoisseur.
This particular variety taste like Peach Wine has been added.
San Benedetto Pesca The!!!
Its "shut up!" good.

Now he is addicted too...

I bought these at Salonika.
They are from Istanbul, Turkey.
I will be going back to get a case of them.

They are thin and crispy and sesame.
What more does a girl need?

Hoard-worthy snack!
These were my breakfast this morning.
I will try to be more sensible for lunch, but no promises.

Girth Comparison

Things Ive been trying...

Cactus Fruit:

What a strange creature! It has the taste texture of apple. But the taste is something like apple grape pomegranate or cranberry. Very hard to describe. There are lot s of hard little seeds inside. Usually I will google a fruit to see how to cut it open and how to eat it, but out of sheer tiredness we dug right in.

Almond and Coconut Kind Bar:

Ridiculously tasty and just right for a coconut craving.
Shaved not shredded. Oh yeah!

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