Friday, August 31, 2012

Ice Cream minus the Milk

So quick...
So easy....
So tasty...
How can you not give it a try?
Unless you are allergic to bananas.
Then don't please.

Splash of Almond milk (2T)
Splash of Almond extract (1t)
2 Splash of Vanilla Extract (2t)

1 frozen Banana, sliced and placed in miniblender
(or whatever you happen to have
 in the way of blending equipment)

Simply blend until smooth.
If you have a slightly whack (i.e. cheap) blender like I do
you may have to pause blending every few seconds
and scrape banana down into bottom of bowl.
Im still waiting for someone to gift me
a hand me down orn buy me a new magic bullet
or classy blender that cost more than
DaveandBusters tickets.
I could just get hitched and put it on the registry
that seems like a lot of work for a blender
 saving for my trip to Ireland is taking financial priority
won't be saving up and buying one anytime soon.
the end.

Secret Ingredient!

Drizzle some of this naughtines on top.
It solidifies from the cold
and gives a little something to chew on.

If you want to be fancy mix some cocoa powder
and a bit of sugar or agave (gives a caramelly taste) first.

Hello (nondemonic) magic shell!

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