Friday, August 31, 2012

Ice Cream minus the Milk

So quick...
So easy....
So tasty...
How can you not give it a try?
Unless you are allergic to bananas.
Then don't please.

Splash of Almond milk (2T)
Splash of Almond extract (1t)
2 Splash of Vanilla Extract (2t)

1 frozen Banana, sliced and placed in miniblender
(or whatever you happen to have
 in the way of blending equipment)

Simply blend until smooth.
If you have a slightly whack (i.e. cheap) blender like I do
you may have to pause blending every few seconds
and scrape banana down into bottom of bowl.
Im still waiting for someone to gift me
a hand me down orn buy me a new magic bullet
or classy blender that cost more than
DaveandBusters tickets.
I could just get hitched and put it on the registry
that seems like a lot of work for a blender
 saving for my trip to Ireland is taking financial priority
won't be saving up and buying one anytime soon.
the end.

Secret Ingredient!

Drizzle some of this naughtines on top.
It solidifies from the cold
and gives a little something to chew on.

If you want to be fancy mix some cocoa powder
and a bit of sugar or agave (gives a caramelly taste) first.

Hello (nondemonic) magic shell!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sporadic at Best....

That is how I can best describe my eating habits as of late.

Coming back from the "Safeguard Your Heart" Convention this past weekend is not helping. I tend to eat very strangely at Conventions. Partly because I don't want to eat too much and get drowsy and partly because I want something quick to eat so I can spend most of my lunch time chatting. Also, I eat less than usual to avoid travel related digestive issues.

So each day I had:
Breakfast: Bear Naked Granola and  Rice Balls
(More on these later)with Vanilla Almond Milk
Lunch: Wasa Sesame Crispbreads, Justin's Almond Butter,
Tomatoes and/or applesauce
Snacks: Lentil Chips or Snap Pea Crisps
Dinner: Trader Joe's Mushroom Noodle Soup with Wasa Sesame Crispbreads

Yesterday for breakfast I had the above.
But I had a good reason.
(Not that one needs a good reason to have
 leftover Napoli Pizza pizza for breakfast.)

I was headed to the Strip District
with the fam
at an unnaturally early hour
 to spend my Living Social Deal for Salonika Imports,
a fabulous Greek Importer.

Speaking of the Strip..
Can you believe they have young coconuts
for this price at Lotus Foods????
Steal of a deal!

I tricked convinced my brother to try
this peach tea I was mildly addicted to in Italy.
He's a Peach Tea connoisseur.
This particular variety taste like Peach Wine has been added.
San Benedetto Pesca The!!!
Its "shut up!" good.

Now he is addicted too...

I bought these at Salonika.
They are from Istanbul, Turkey.
I will be going back to get a case of them.

They are thin and crispy and sesame.
What more does a girl need?

Hoard-worthy snack!
These were my breakfast this morning.
I will try to be more sensible for lunch, but no promises.

Girth Comparison

Things Ive been trying...

Cactus Fruit:

What a strange creature! It has the taste texture of apple. But the taste is something like apple grape pomegranate or cranberry. Very hard to describe. There are lot s of hard little seeds inside. Usually I will google a fruit to see how to cut it open and how to eat it, but out of sheer tiredness we dug right in.

Almond and Coconut Kind Bar:

Ridiculously tasty and just right for a coconut craving.
Shaved not shredded. Oh yeah!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mercurio's and Pino Gelato

It was like a crazy Gelato weekend!
I went to two different Gelato places in one weekend.
How odd is that?

Did I have Gelato? No Why? Because this is America
and Americans don't seem to make Soy Gelato as freely as Italians.
Oddly enough.

But I had loads of Sorbetto to sop up my tears.
That makes no sense.....


I have been wanting to try Mercurio's in Shadyside for a while..
Well, since I heard they had a wood fired oven for making their pizzas

Oh baby!

You know you can't recreate the taste of Firenze without some fire!
That slight charring of the crust adds flavor and character to the pie.
I'm sweating a bit just thinking about the taste-bud overload.

August 18th I finally got my chance to go!

Raspberry Sorbetto
And how cute is the little cup?

I would show you the pizza, but I ate the whole thing
No worries. I went to a 2 hour line dancing class after.
Tee hee hee....

But I can tell you it was delicious.
All I needed was some pepperoncini oil
and the transportation to firenze would have been almost complete.

The prices are super affordable.
$.0.70 an ounce.

Go there for the Pizza,
Stay for the Gelato.
This place is definitely going into the rotation.

Pino Gelato

Blueberry-Pom and Blood Orange Sorbetto

I went to this place to use my Groupon on August 19th.
At first I gave the Groupon to my dad.
He was going to give them to somone else thinking it was too far.

But then he realized it might be worth the drive
and asked me to come along.
Boy was I glad I did.

I was not optimistic when we pulled up to a strip mall.
Rude! I know I am but what are you.
But don't worry. This story has a happy ending.

They have a cute little (narrow would be a better word) store
with stereotypically "Tuscan" decorations and plenty of sorbetto flavors to choose from.

Objects in mirror are as narrow as they appear....
multitude of flavors
I tried the Blood Orange and Pomegranate-Blueberry flavors
The blood orange was tangy and fresh tasting.
Not bitter like many blood orange incarnations.
And the Pom-blue had an excellent balance of the two flavors.

But both were SUPER sweet for someone
who is not used to sweet things.

I had a Chipotle chaser to help with the sugar overload.
Tee hee hee!

That probably adds to the appeal of the place for me.
Walking distance to other delightful places for noshing...

And you recyclers and re-users out there
will be happy to hear I saved the little Gelato cups
 and am using them as jewelry catch-alls.

So cute and colorful!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gluten Free (Baked) Fried Green Tomatoes

Even though these were baked
I still can't help calling them fried green tomatoes.

The name is ubiquitous with the feelings they evoke.

Long summer days,
 big "I dont have anywhere to go" breakfasts with my family,
'accidentally' picking all the big green tomatoes while helping
my mother harvest from our backyard garden,
the feeling of accomplishmentseeing seeds and seedlings become a meal
 for my family and a gift for friends.
How could I not love these little beauties?

I had just a remnant of my special flours left and wanted to put them to
good use. So, I killed two birds with one stone
(no i didn't! that is sooo violent)
and used the flours to make something I'd been craving since the
first green tomato poked itself out of the tomato plant in the backyard.

And yes I do realize that one of the green tomatoes is red.
I do not discriminate! 
I feel that all tomatoes are created equal(ly delicious).

Plus it looked a little lonely after I picked his friends off
and i feel that friendship is very important.

Baked Fried Green Tomatoes

4 tomatoes, sliced

1/2 cup regular almond milk

3 T Garbanzo Bean Flour
1 T sweet rice flour
1/2 t sea salt

Preheat oven to 400.
Put foil on a baking sheet and coat with olive oil or cooking spray.

Put the milk in a bowl.
Mix the dry ingredients on a plate.

Dip slices of tomatoe in milk and then flour one at a time
until all are coated and placed on baking sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes flipping at the 10 minute mark.

In other news....

Went to Pittsburgh Popcorn Co. in the Strip District.
Suddenly noticed what awesome ceilings this place has.
The decor is not exacly cohesive but interesting all the same.

They have a new edition since the last time I was in there.
A television set.
Strange but appropriate since it was playing an old black
and white comedy. Entertainment while waiting in line.

There is usually a line on weekends. They are just that good.
Or so I hear. They are not exactly allergen friendly.

Flavors like Vanilla Almond, Hazelnut Nutella,  S'mores, Spicy Bacon Cheddar, Chocolate Waffle Cone, SW Cheddar, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Rice Crispy Treat, Buffalo Wing, Dill Pickle, Zebra Kettle, The Cajun, Garlic Parmesan.

Just to name a few. ;-)

Quinoa Salad

Chopped cherry tomatoes
Sliced Cucumber
Fresh cilantro