Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Market District Randomness..Caffeine kills fatigue

While I totally do not condone the use of controlled substances
to deal with everyday (or monthly) problems,
I really could not resist this adorable cappuccino.

I had some pretty serious
"I could lay down on the ground (despite my OCD) and take a nap"
type fatigue going on and really needed help
to get through the day.

If you suffer from fatigue you know what I'm talking about.
It's the kind that is not solved with 8 hours of sleep.
Sometimes 10 hours doesn't help either.

But truthfully I get insomnia when I get fatigue
(love those monthly gifts)
add ina busy schedule and I was beat like a pinata.

But this lovely, tasty cup of indulgence powered me through the
work day. Soy milk cap with a shot of almond syrup.

Oh. Yeah. Baby.

And now for a touch of randomness....

So the Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson
has a great "gourmet" edge that inspires it to offer
hard to find imported items and culinary treasures.

Suffering from low vitamin D on a recent trip I was hunting
for vitamin rich mushrooms. Or at least that is my
excuse. tee hee hee! (that was a creepy laugh)

Anyhoo, while hunting (or foraging might be a better word)
I came across these interesting treasures.

Pom Poms! How cute are they?

Is anyone else puzzled by the Chinese truffles?
They are nothing like the Italian or french ones.
This is a really long caption.
Stop it! Sorry.

Berry Season...

Very random study time snackage.

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